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The BabyBar Team

Get to know a bit about our amazing team. Some are relatively new to Babybar others have been a part of Babybar since it was set up - all are passionate about supporting new parents through their feeding journey and beyond.  All of our team are DBS checked and have completed safeguarding training. We are all mums and understand just how hard a journey it can be. We're always happy to offer a listening ear - and get you any help you need. Some of us are Trustees and work behind the scenes and others are your regular faces - together we are your BabyBar Team.


I am the infant feeding specialist, I have worked in infant feeding for more than 10 years and feel strongly that all women should be able to access good, positive and informative advice however they feed their babies.


I've worked for WBB since its inception and still find it exciting and rewarding to help mothers with feeding eight years in! I have two sons whom I breastfed for a fairly long time. I believe passionately in giving parents unbiased information in order to decide best how to proceed with their feeding journey.


 Having volunteered at Babybar welcoming women and serving drinks and cake for over a year, I've now moved on to be a fully trained Peer Supporter. My nest is empty and its lovely to be among new mums and babies again, able to offer them emotional and practical support.


Hi, I'm Sarah, mum to three boys. I have been involved in Babybar since it was set up training as a Peer Supporter and becoming the Chair of Trustees. I find supporting families through their feeding journeys and helping to run Babybar very rewarding.


Hi, I'm Karen, mum of 3. I combination fed all of my children from 6 months onwards. I love being able to make a small difference to what is often a challenging time for new parents. And the cake is great too!


Hi, I am Jenny, mum of 4. I love supporting women at this stage in their lives. I have been vounteering for babybar for a while, recently returning to Peer Supporting after maternity leave. I am also a volunteer baker.


I am still at home with my youngest on a Thursday so you won't find me peer supporting (yet!) but I'm passionate about breastfeeding support and help Wallingford BabyBar as a Trustee and looking after their social media. 

You'll find me posting on Facebook and Instagram so pop over, leave a comment and say hi!


I am really passionate about the post-natal experience, it really can shape the future of the entire family. As a Peer Supporter at babybar I have been in awe of how many women navigate this unique time with limited support. Peer to peer support is an incredible emotional and practical support at this time.


 I'm a mum to three children aged 13, 11 and 4. I also have two dogs and a horse, which keep me busy! I'm a registered nurse working for Oxford Health in the community. I'm an avid supporter of breastfeeding having clocked up a total of nearly nine years breastfeeding my children. I love all cake (Victoria sponge is my favourite), usually accompanied by coffee!



Hi, I’m Beth, mum to 3 boys aged (nearly) 9, 7 & 7 - yep, twins - who I breastfed / combination fed to 9 months. In my professional life I was an accountant but now I spend my time organising my boys (including the grown up one) and volunteering with various organisations! I’ve trained with the BfN and am looking forward to training with WBB, which feels very inclusive and wider than just breastfeeding.

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